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Weclome to our online platform that seeks to promote and support transnational cooperation projects between young creative minds across Europe. Our aim is to bring people aged 18-35 together and help them to successfully plan, finance and implement their own projects in the creative fields of film, photography and music.





We just got started
Like any other online community we first have to grow and gradually expand the features of our platform. This is why we have set up a list of goals to measure the success of our endeavour. You can help us to achieve these goals!

1 - Finding Supporters

Before we start we need to check if there are enough eager minds out there who are interested and willing to support our cause. Once we have reached our goal of 500 supporters we can launch the platform.


2 - Launching the Platform

Running and maintaining an online platform costs money. To cover these expenses we need a strong user base. For an annual membership fee of 50 EUR registered users will get full access to all the features.

Registered Users

3 - Starting Projects

Once we have enough registered users on our platform, members can start pitching their project ideas. 70 % of the membership fees will be used to co-finance the most promising project proposals.

Percent for projects

Become a supporter

Help us achieve our first goal of finding 500 supporters by filling out the form below. It doesn't take long and it's completely free of charge.

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Want to know more about the people behind this project?

This platform is a project by Art Mine

Art Mine is a non-governmental organisation based in Austria. Our work mainly focuses on planning and implementing regional and international projects in the fields of culture and youth. We have organised, hosted and participated in a variety of European projects, particulary those funded by the ERASMUS+ programme.
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